Reasons to Buy a Custom Home

Tingen ConstructionCustom Home Building

When you buy a home, you’re choosing a place on our planet to make your own. For many of us, that place was built decades ago, and has been inhabited by others. While sharing in that is a unique experience, there’s something rewarding about building your own home from the ground up. We believe in the dream of the custom home, and here are a few reasons why!


Not only is your custom-home move-in ready, its brand-new nature also means it comes with a warranty. This warranty covers everything, from the foundation to the lighting to the door hinges. For at least a year, often more, anything that goes wrong in your home can be corrected at no additional cost to you. It’s valuable peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Older homes use older construction techniques. Unless the previous owner upgraded, you’ll have windows and doors that leak more heat, less effective insulation, old-school architecture and other features that are not designed for energy efficiency. The cost of increased utilities can really add up over time.

Cutting-Edge Technology

It’s a familiar story: you found a cute older home, but the appliances need upgrading. The shower has weak water pressure. The wiring is old and the circuit breakers love to flip. In a brand-new home, you know you’re getting the latest tech to make living at home a pleasure, not a project.


Instead of inheriting shag carpet or garish wood paneling, your brand new custom home looks exactly how you want it. Want a sunroom? Go for it! Want extra-high ceilings in your master bedroom? No problem! Because the home is built for you, there is far more room for your own personal touches.

Built Where You Want

A custom home can be built anywhere you have the right to. If you don’t want to be put in a traditional neighborhood, you can buy land and place it there. Furthermore, you can often control how that land is partitioned: maybe you want a smaller house and a larger yard. You are in control.

Are you interested in a carefully crafted, luxurious custom home? Tingen Construction leverages decades of experience building dreams in the North Carolina Triangle. Check out our current listings, or contact us today to learn how we can bring your ideal custom home to life.