Custom Home Bathroom Ideas

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Your bathroom is one of the most utilitarian rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! In a custom home – where the walls are your canvas –it’s especially easy to elevate this humble room to something much greater. Here are some ideas for classing up your bathroom.


For custom homes, the most popular candidate here is a Jacuzzi tub. These are especially common as corner units that have plenty of room for stretching and lounging, often placed next to a private window with counter space for candles, beverages, or a good book. However, the jets require significant maintenance, so be sure you’re prepared for that.

A freestanding or “clawfoot” tub can bring your bathroom to the next level of elegance. These deep soaking tubs are the epitome of luxury. With copper or brass fixtures, they have an old world, European look that is impossible to beat.


The most important part of a shower is how the water comes out, and with a custom home you have many options. Rainfall showerheads – where water pours evenly in a cubic pattern from directly above – are very in vogue, and good for feeling very clean. They’re also available with colored LED lighting for a more moody experience, and can be integrated with waterfall fixtures for something truly exotic.

For a master bath that’s more catered to personal tastes, you should also consider multiple showerheads or even a seat! Built in stone or tile seats are good for shaving or relaxing, and give your shower a spa-like feel.


While a nice tub and shower do a lot for relaxation, bathroom amenities can really seal the deal. One of the most popular choices is heated floors, which reduce that unpleasant, sudden chill when you step out of the hot shower. For a bathroom setup you’d be looking at two types:

  • Electric, where wires underneath your tile or baseboard generate heat. Though easy to install, the obvious con here is electric costs. This can be negated by “charging” the heat during off-peak power hours, especially effective with a covering that retains heat like concrete or stone.
  • Hydronic, where a boiler pumps hot water through tubes underneath the floor. Installation can be complex and expensive depending on the application, but they are far more efficient.

For an especially high-end touch, consider a towel warmer! Both hydronic and electric models are available, but for a small home bathroom electric models make the most sense. Just flick it on before you hop in the bath, and enjoy a warm towel when you’re done.

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