Roofing Shingles for Your Custom Home: Popular Options

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One of the best parts of the custom home experience is tailoring it to your exact specifications. Aesthetics are a big part of that, and your roof is one of the number one ways to boost curb appeal. Your roof’s appearance is largely defined by its shingle material.

But your choice of shingle goes beyond appearances; indeed, it can affect your insurance, resale value, maintenance costs, heating costs, and more! Before you make a decision, it pays to know the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular shingle types.


There’s a reason fiberglass is used everywhere from waterslides to aircraft to bathtubs: it is a sturdy, waterproof, fire-resistant material that is a great balance of weight, cost, and durability. Naturally, fiberglass also makes a great shingle material. Its fire resistance can also pay dividends, as may home insurance companies will give you a discount for them.

Do note that installation costs and warranties for fiberglass can vary significantly, and cold climates can cause cracking.


You probably have asphalt shingles on your roof right now. They’re popular for a reason: they’re affordable, easy to install and manufacture, and come in swath of colors and textures. They are excellent insulators, saving on your energy costs, and have a solid lifespan of 20-30 years.

That said, asphalt shingles are not for everyone. The look is very “standard” and pedestrian, making them a poor choice if you want an aesthetic statement. They are also less resilient to damage than fiberglass, meaning you should consider another type if you live near the coast or other potentially hazardous climates.


Slate roofs are thin, solid pieces of stone arranged evenly. The stone is almost always real, meaning that it is very sturdy, very attractive, and very expensive. That material also means they last a long time, sometimes 50 years or even more!

Their particular nature also means slate roofs require regular maintenance. They need to be inspected each spring for chips and cracks and repaired by a qualified professional.


Tile roofs are timeless, the same gorgeous roofs that have been used for centuries in the Southwest and Asia. Their sturdiness means some of those may even be original! In addition to their classic charm, ceramic tile is naturally fire-resistant.

That said, you don’t see many tile roofs these days. For one, they’re very expensive and labor-intensive to install. For another, their weight means that homes have to be reinforced to support them. For some buyers, the look is worth the investment!

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