To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper

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When decorating your custom home, one of the most basic considerations is what you want your walls to look like. To that end you typically have two choices: paint or wallpaper. Paint is certainly simpler, and arguably more to most folks’ taste, which is especially important for resale value.

But there’s also wallpaper. Though the word conjures up images of 70s nightmares, grandma’s house or thick wads of goo on the walls, the truth is that wallpaper options are much more exciting – and less cheesy – than they used to be. If you want something unique for your custom home, you should consider it!

How Wallpaper Has Changed

Older wallpaper – the kind you find in older homes – has a distinct look and feel to it because of the eras from which it originated. Floral patterns, 90s beige, and other cringeworthy designs have not aged well.

But modern wallpaper is quite different. Instead of neutral, quieter patterns, a lot of modern wallpaper leans into bold colors and striking designs. This makes it particularly popular for accent walls or “fun” rooms. Geometric prints are popular, and sites like Etsy have brought new artists into the industry.

Peel and Stick vs. Traditional

Traditional glued wallpaper is still a thing, and available in a wide variety of materials. You can choose between paper or vinyl, textile materials for texture, even metal for a distinct sheen.

Turned off by the prospect of rolling sticky glue all over your walls? No need to fear: peel and stick wallpaper – such as those from RoomMates – are also available. These varieties can be removed and reapplied, perfect for holidays or anyone with commitment issues.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Wallpaper application is somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty. Obviously peel and stick can be done by anyone with some patience, but traditional glued wallpaper takes more finesse. For a first time DIYer, stick to walls with no molding or windows, as matching patterns and cutting around these obstacles can be a serious headache.

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