Major Appliances For Your Custom Home

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Your beautiful custom home kitchen is nothing without the right appliances. One of the big perks of buying a custom home is that you inherit nothing. No dishwasher from the 90s, no clunky old washing machine, no weirdly beige range.

But likewise, just as it’s an opportunity to customize your home, it’s also an opportunity to invest in quality appliances that are built to last. And these days, quality is just the beginning: the dawn of the smart home means that your appliances have more features to consider than ever before. Let’s talk about three major appliance choices for your custom home.


Your first major choice for a fridge comes down to form factor, and you have three primary choices: top freezer, bottom freezer, or the French door. The top freezer can feel a bit retro, but it’s also the most practical in that it offers the most space. Likewise, putting the freezer on the bottom lets you more easily access, the fridge, which most people use more often. French door configurations are preferred for tight spaces or for aesthetically minded homeowners.

From there it’s mostly about what special features you want. The “smart fridge” is now a real thing, and the features are actually pretty useful: music integration for entertaining, a calendar the family can share in the mornings, and meal planning features. Even if you’re not on board with an internet-connected fridge, things like wine chillers and water dispensers can be very important.


Most new homeowners will opt for a HE (high efficiency) washer and dryer as even low-cost models gain the designation. These machines are better in nearly every way, whether it’s energy efficiency or practicality (a front-loader means no leaning in to get clothes out.

As a result, your primary choice is going to be gas vs. electric. Gas dryers are way more efficient, but they also have higher installation and purchase costs.


For a dishwasher, your main concerns are space and efficiency. There aren’t too many sizes to choose from; industry standards are either 18” or 24” wide. Custom models exist, but it’s usually a better value for big families to just buy two. For efficiency, always read the EnergyGuide label, which estimates your annual utility costs.

For special features, choose a model with multiple wash cycle options for maximum efficiency, that way you never use more than you need.

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