Creating a Classic Southern Porch

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Few things are as uniquely North Carolina as a beautiful, well-constructed porch. Porches are ideal spaces for reminiscing with friends, sipping sweet tea, and listening to treefrogs on summer nights. They’re as ideal for entertaining as they are for personal quiet time.

Whether you’re building a custom home or modifying an existing one, you’ll be grateful for a place to relax. Here are some starting points.

Before choosing a porch design, you’ll need to consider its function. Do you want a classic front porch with rocking chairs for company? Maybe a private area? What about an entertainment zone? Some popular designs include:

  • Farmhouse: a simple flat area with no screens or railings, farmhouse porches come from an era where folks needed a basic area to relax and cool off. Today, this unpretentious style is still just as functional while adding a rustic look.
  • Colonial: popular on traditional Southern architecture, Colonial-style porches use wide columns and an extensive overhang to create shade and ample space. Even a small one on one side of your home can add a distinct look.
  • Bungalow: a Bungalow style porch is designed as an extension of the living room, with a warm, natural look that often carries over interior elements. These porches are usually much wider and open directly into a yard or garden.

You’ll also have to ask yourself if you want a screened-in porch. While their aesthetic may not be to everyone’s taste – especially on the front of a home – the mosquito-beating nature of a screened-in porch is hard to resist in a hot Carolina summer.

Speaking of aesthetics, for a real Southern experience, paint the roof of your porch Haint blue. Originally sourced from indigo plants, Haint blue plays a prominent role in Southern superstition as a ward for evil spirits. Even if you’re not concerned about ghosts, you’ll love the gentle blue hue.

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