How Long Will a New Roof Last?

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Home ownership comes with a number of expenses. As major appliances age and paint colors fade, costs for repairs and replacements must be factored into the equation. When purchasing a home, it’s important to ask about the age of the more expensive aspects of the property. The roof, in particular, can be expensive to replace. 

Buying a brand new home comes with many advantages, a new roof chief among them. Roof lifetimes vary, but you can expect your new roof to last about 20 years. Higher end materials make for longer lasting results. Tile, slate, and copper have grown in popularity for their longevity. Composite shingles, though more affordable up front, won’t last as long as these materials. 

What Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

Size matters when replacing a roof. The larger your blueprint, the more shingles you’ll need to replace. Cost per square footage varies greatly on geography, materials, and labor, but most range between $2.75 and $7.00 per square foot. For many homeowners, that means a roof replacement can run more than $10,000 including materials and labor. 

Be on the lookout for warning signs that your roof is in need of replacing. Shingles become brittle as they age and begin lifting up on the edges. Wind and moisture sneak under those edges, further damaging the integrity of the roof. When you start seeing the shingles break away and leave bald spots on the roof of the home, you’ll know it’s time to replace it. While it’s certainly possible to patch a shingle here and there, aging roofs may soon begin to look like the cratered surface of the moon. 

Make an Informed Purchase

Whenever you’re making a big investment in a new home, it’s important to remember costs beyond the sale itself. By looking at the structure, roof, and appliances, you’ll get a good idea of costs to anticipate in the coming years. These factors may convince you to go for a new home rather than an existing property. If a new home makes more sense for you and your family, contact the experts at Tingen Construction!