Timelessness, Home Design, and Resale Value

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One of the greatest joys in building a custom home is adding features that are uniquely yours. You can have the outdoor entertaining area you’ve always wanted, or dream big with something off the beaten path. But those personal touches are just that: personal. Ask any homebuyer from the 70s and they probably rue the day they installed shag carpeting or wood paneling!

Even if your design choices aren’t as funky, they’re something to consider if you may ever sell your home. You should keep your design as timeless and flexible as possible while allowing for your own customizations. Here’s some advice.

What Works

Though design trends have come and gone, there are a few traits that are universal. Natural materials like wood, stone, and brick are universally beloved on a home’s exterior. Neutral colors like browns and whites age spectacularly and blend in with almost all scenery.

Inside, it’s best to think of a home as a canvas rather than a completed painting. Rather than a custom-designed stone floor, why not classic hardwoods with a rug? Rather than light fixtures embedded in the walls, why not install new fixtures onto a blank wall? This idea of easily replaceable accents means that your home can have a custom feel without being specifically yours. This is not only good for future buyers, but also good for you; tastes change!

What Doesn’t

Highly specialized rooms like a movie theater can be a lot of fun, especially with kids or a big family. But these unique amenities require special care, and not every home owner wants them. Even a gym or outdoor area can become a resale nightmare if it’s too customized.

So instead of permanent fixtures, consider buying functional pieces that can be removed. For instance, your gym might be better with a freestanding weight rack rather than one mounted on the wall. If you do opt for built-ins or custom installations, opt for something everyone loves. A fire pit has universal appeal, whereas a high-maintenance water feature does not.

You deserve to have the home you want, just make sure you know what it might take to resell it! If you’re interested in building the custom home of your dreams, consider Tingen Construction! Our expertise and knowledge of the Triangle make us one of the premier builders in the area. Check out our available homes today, or contact us about a custom project!