Four Exterior Materials for Your Custom Home

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One of the great joys of building a custom home is the ability to make it truly yours. That extends to the exterior, where you can build a façade to remember, a backdrop for parties and afternoons in the yard. A lot of that façade is based on the materials you use. You’ll enjoy and care for your custom home more if you know about the materials you’re using! Here are some pros, cons, and general information about exterior custom home materials.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and you can mix and match these materials for a unique look!


Vinyl siding is a fixture of American suburbs for several reasons: it’s versatile, durable, and affordable. It’s easy to replace and quick to install, and comes in a huge variety of colors. You’ll never have to repaint it, and even a humble hose can clean it.

One drawback? It is plastic, and hard hits like a lawn mower or a falling tree can ruin it.


Wood imparts an instant rustic touch to a home’s exterior. It’s warm, cozy, and majestic. It’s easily available, and patchwork and repair are easy.

The major drawback? Maintenance. Because pests love wood as much as we do, you have to seal and stain the wood every few years. Ignore that, and your home will be termite city in no time! Some kinds of wood – particularly redwood and cedar – are insect resistant.


As one of the first building materials, there’s something permanent and powerful about stone. In your custom home you have two options: real stone and stone veneer.

Real stone is extremely durable, beautiful, and strong…but also very expensive, and requires a mason to install. Veneer siding is much more affordable and can be installed by anyone, but manufacturing uniformity means it loses the uniqueness. Both are easy to clean.


Brick is ubiquitous in many buildings around the world. It’s made from clay, so it’s sustainable. It’s beautiful. It’s available in a huge variety of colors. And while more expensive than vinyl, it won’t bankrupt the average homeowner.

The only main drawback to brick is maintenance. While the bricks themselves will last for centuries, you will have to repair mortar occasionally.

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